Out of Season Spawning

We utilise an “out of season spawning facility to induce spawning. This allows us to pass broodstock from farm ponds through our spawning facility to produce eggs for hatcheries. It consists of an insulated shed containing 10 tanks totalling 120 sqm in a recirculation system. It works by manipulating temperature and the day/night photo period to condition the redclaw into thinking spring is coming and encouraging them to spawn. The eggs are then removed and taken into our hatchery to incubate or to sell on to other hatcheries.

Having over 3000 females and 1000 males of brood stock in our spawning tanks at any one time and at our finger tips has provided a wonderful opportunity to make direct observations and investigations. This has proven to be a bonanza for understanding redclaw habits and behaviours, helping us to improve many aspects of redclaw farming.

This system also gives us the ability to manage genetic for growth to a higher degree than pond-based breeding. The broodstock was initially sourced from the NQCFA Selective breeding program that we were involved with.